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Buy Bitcoin Gift Cards here:

The Bitcoin Gift Card by GogoCoin makes it easy. Pick one up at Cups and Cakes Bakery in San Francisco today!

Cups and Cakes Bakery

451 9th St, San Francisco, California

Instant Bitcoins

Redeem to coins anytime

With a Bitcoin Gift Card, you can redeem the value of the card to bitcoins anytime at spot rate with a 7% fee.

Retail Friendly

No up front cost for retailers

Retailers big and small can start selling Prepaid Bitcoin Cards with no up front cost, only at time of purchase.
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Wallet Included

It's Free and Always Will Be

You get a simple and intuiative interface that lets anyone understand how to use Bitcoin.

The easiest way to buy bitcoins

Easy, instant access to bitcoin

1. Go a retailer:

San Francisco
Cups and Cakes Bakery
451 9th St, San Francisco, California.

2. Buy Bitcoin Gift Card

Buy $25-$500 gift cards with cash.

3. Redeem for Bitcoins

Redeem the dollar value to bitcoins. GogoCoin charges a 7% above spot rate fee at this time.

Redeem anytime

You can use anytime to get a spot rate with 7% fee.

Redeem Card on

Wallet Included

To make it even easier, you get a free account where you can keep your bitcoins




Tom Longson

Previously worked for Wells Fargo, Sony, and Early bitcoin adopter, and husband of Jennifer Longson, Cups and Cakes Bakery, the 1st retailer to accept Bitcoin in San Francisco.

Founder + CEO

Dan Silberman

YC Alumni, previously part of Gamador and Predict Wall Street. Leading GogoCoin's backend development. Loves tennis, games, and cryptocurrency.

Lead Developer

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